What Patients Say About Us

At the advanced age of 45 we had lost all hopes of having a child. Then we heard about Dr Agrawal & Sanjivani Test Tube Baby Center & decided to try for one last time before resigning to fate; Dr Agrawal gave us hope and assured us we’ll have a Baby for sure & just after 1st cycle of our treatment we are proud parents of twins. We thank Dr Agrawal & his team every success for bringing happiness to people like us.
Bhaskar & Usha, Odisha
We sincerely hope that no couple has to face the trauma of Childlessness, but if you do, then Sanjivani Test Tube Baby Centre is the answer. We were frustrated moving around from Clinic to Clinic, Doctor to Doctor. When we met Dr Agrawal he understood our problem and social pressure that we were going through. He asked us to focus on our aim to have a baby rather than getting engrossed in minor problems. Our faith in him increased when he advised us to be patient & he’ll help us in every way. We started the treatment, and by God's grace & the hard work of Sanjivani Team, we are now parents of a baby girl after 1 cycle of treatment..
Sandhyarani Mishra, Odisha
We have been seriously yearning for a child for 6 years, before coming to Sanjivani Test Tube Baby Centre we had tried IVF at Raipur & failed. We had been hopeless & miserable. Dr Agrawal assured us we’ll have a Guarantee Baby & just after 1 year of treatment we are holding not one but two.
Chabilal Patel, Chattisgarh
Our treatment experience at Sanjivani has been very good. The treatment cost is very reasonable & affordable Before coming here Motherhood seemed a distant dream...but thanks to Dr Agrawal who helped us realize the dream of a child thus completing our family. Dr Agrawal individually looks after his patients so that you won’t even feel you are undergoing such a major treatment. He along with his team always answered to our smallest queries or concerns. We wish them all the very best in their endeavour to help infertile couples become proud parents
Kuni Behera, Odisha


We underwent an IVF treatment at Sanjivani Test Tube Baby Centre in September 2013. With great pleasure and gratitude we would like to present our son Om We came to Sanjivani with a lot of doubt; doubt from all those failed multiple IVF treatments we had undergone at 2 different well known IVF Clinics in Kolkota & Mumbai. The very first meeting with Dr P Agrawal made us hopeful. Dr P Agrawal was very realistic and did not promise us anything. Instead, he went through our previous records in detail, ordered the necessary tests before coming up with a customized treatment plan. The cost also has been very low compared to the IVF Centres where we first went. We believe that Dr Agrawal’s customized approach to treatment made the difference for us. We wish him & his team all the very best in their endeavour to help couples like us to find a happy solution.
Pooja & H S Mittal, Odisha


We are really happy with the experience we had at Sanjivani Test Tube Baby Centre. From the first meeting Dr P Agrawal discussed our case, explained relevant medical reports and replied to all the queries raised by us. Important points like chance of side effects, medication and the cost of treatment were explained clearly. The doctor was very frank about the positive and negative aspects of the treatment. Dr. Agrawal is highly professional ,caring & supportive throughout the treatment. The staffs here are friendly and approachable & always in our touch. All our queries were promptly answered both on phone and in person. The best thing is we never had to stay for a day. We are now blessed with twin daughters; thanks to Sanjivani team.
Richa Sharma, Odisha

Human life is all about achieve all the desires and fulfillment of wishes. Some time one thought the wishes is so near but yet so far. After 5 years of our marrige, we are far from the wish to have a little angle in our life. Finally the wish came true at Sanjivani Family Hospital, Sambalpur. They have real specialist, who showed a hope of light in room of dark. They have exellent facilities and proper diagnosis mechanism. Finally, we have been blessed with a baby boy.

Thanks Sanjivani for playing a vital role in my life. Thanks and all the best...
Neelam & Deepak Dalmia, Odisha


 Some of the other things we would like to throw light upon are:

1. Customized treatment for every patient
2. Very professional environment, yet personalized attention to every patient