About Us

SANJIVANI Test Tube Baby Centre is one of the premiere Institute providing fertility treatment in Odisha, Chattisgarh & Jharkhand. Our success rate is very high compared to other infertility institutes in this region.

                With 25 years experience in Fertility Management, SANJIVANI offers ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) like IUI, IVF-ET, ICSI, Egg Donation, Embryo Adoption, Surrogacy, Cryo Preservation, Fertility Enhancing Surgery (Laparoscopic Surgeries), Failed IVF treatment to Childless Couples. Our primary objective is to offer Low Cost IVF/ ICSI without compromising quality. Our Centre provides state-of-the-art IVF treatment at affordable prices in a comfortable atmosphere.

                We made thousands of couples happy with the success rate of 50% per cycle at our Centre. Women more than 45 years conceived with the embryo adoption & egg donation programme and have taken the babies home with complete satisfaction. Surrogacy is also made available at our centre and many cases have been handled and made success without any complications. 

                   Starting from the Consultation, evaluation, medical management till the end of the treatment procedure our fertility specialist Dr P Agrawal interacts with Couples personally, providing better patient satisfaction. Our IVF lab staffs are very skilled & co-operative. No matter where you are, our staffs & Doctor are only a phone call away.

             We customize  treatment plan for each Couple, based on their individual requirement which increases pregnancy rates. We offer all services under one roof, including all the latest technologies. 

                  Our lab is well equipped with ultra modern equipments like CO2 incubators from USA; Stereo zoom and Inverted microscopes from Olympus, Japan, Micromanipulator from Narseigehe; we use Disposable & Media of International standards. We follow strict guidelines of Lab maintenance as per the international standards.

                Sanjivani is enrolled under the National Registry of ART Clinics in India of ICMR with Enrollment number , 10332. Sanjivani is a 50Bedded Prominent Hospital in Western Odisha. We are also having a Branch with the same name as SanJivani at Jharsuguda.


Sanjivani Hospital, Farm Road
Sambalpur, Odisha - 768002
(+91) 9337345612, 7504130060 http://www.odishaivf.comhttp://www.sanjivanitesttubebaby.com