Failed IVF

According to books  IVF success rate is 30-35%, so unfortunately many couples will not have successful first cycle IVF results and will need to consider a second cycle. After investing an enormous amount of time, emotion, and financial resources, a negative result can be depressing. The post-IVF meeting allows the physician and patient to review the cycle, answer questions, and hopefully, come up with a better treatment plan for the future. At Sanjivani Test Tube Baby Centre we analyze in detail to find the causes of IVF failure.

The four main reasons for failed IVF may be female age, embryo quality, ovarian response, and implantation issues.

Female Age is a vital factor in the  percentage of embryos’ implantation.

    • We see about 45% implant under age 35
    • We see about 15% implant at age 40-42

Implantation failure  is one of the most frustrating problems in IVF . This refers to patients who have undergone many IVF cycles and produced good embryos but the embryos recurrently fail to implant for unexplained reasons.

Successful embryo implantation often depends upon the quality of the embryo, and one of the reasons embryos may fail to implant is that they may be genetically abnormal. Many human embryos may arrest (die) in growing stage. Some of the embryos that we transfer that "look good" may die after we put them in the uterus.

To understand the problem issue of implantation failure in a logical equation Embryo quality + receptivity of uterine lining = chance for implantation and pregnancy

 One could be that the embryos are not of good quality; while the other is that there is a problem with endometrial receptivity. That’s why we go for frozen Embryo Transfer at our Centre which is a better treatment option than fresh transfer.

This is because receptivity of the uterine lining may not be favourable in a ovulation induction cycle , because of all the injections & drugs. In the  superovulation cycle our sole focus is on producing good-quality eggs, so many times it’s not  likely to have a good endometrium at the time of the eggs retrieval. Once we develop the Embryos & freeze them, we can focus in the next cycle on growing a favourable endometrium. This maximizes the chances of implantation.

In fact, our success rates are so high, that for patients who have failed IVF cycles, we offer a Guarantee Baby Plan!

It takes a lot of hard work & only very skilled IVF labs can offer this service, as it needs a lot of expertise and experience to do this successfully.